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Death Record
Jackson Co. MS

Beginning with Letter L

LAASKO, John Heurik born 1864 Finland died 29 November, 1917, buried Finnish Cemetery. Pecan, MS.

LACARE, John Evans born 8 November, 1845 died 15 April, 1924 buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Peter LaCare born Brest, France, Mother: Anna Pieart born France.

LADNIER, Alex died 7 July, 1926 age, 73 yrs. 7 mo., 7 days, buried Greenwood Cemetery. informant: Charley & Ollie Ladnier. Ladnier, Alice (c) died 11 feborn, 1929 buried St Peters Cemetery.

LADNIER, Ardell (c) born 7 October, 1858, died 15 May, 1931 Pascagoula, MS. Father: Silvane ladnier born MS.

LADNIER, Carl Eley died 1 October, 1928 age 11, buried Union Cemetery. Father: Willie Ladnier, Mother: Mary Grierson born Ellisville, MS.

LADNIER, Clement Jr. died 25 September, 1932, buried Greenwood Cemetery.

LADNIER, Donice born 12 April, 1886 died 4 January, 1927, informant, Lena Fountain, Father: Selvage Ladnier, Mother: Eliza Jackson.

LADNIER, Emile born 6 June, 1836 died 27 September, 1916 Escatawpa, MS.

LADNIER, George Washington born 31 October, 1849, died 20 May, 1936, Lutheran, retired Stevador, Father: William Ladnier, Mother: Nancy Ward born Wade, MS. buried Greenwood Cemetery.

LADNIER, Harriet died 29 July, 1921 age, 53, buried St. Paul.

LADNIER, Ivan Victoria died 26 March, 1927, age 14, Father: Ollie Ladnier, Mother: Victoria Russell born Pascagoula, MS.

LADNIER, Mary Elizabeth born 5 November, 1928 died 13 June, 1930, Father: Harvey E. Ladnier, Mother: Wilmer Stephens, St. Andrews, FL.

LADNIER, Ollie (c) born 25 August, 1868 died 23 March, 1931.

LADNIER, Sallie (c) died 7 May, 1917, Gautier, MS.

LADNIER, Sarah born 17 Feb. 1867 died 16 Feb. 1925 Greenwood.

LADNIER, Sarah died 14 May, 1914 age 55 yrs.

LADNIER, Sophia died 21 March, 1913, age 60, Creole, Father: Antonio Ely, Mother: Madelin Bang.

LADNIER, Victoria born 4 July, 1881 Biloxi, MS. died 1 January, 1936, buried Greenwood Cemetery, housewife, Baptist, Father: Theodore Raussum born Biloxi, MS. Mother: Victoria Tiblier born Biloxi, MS.

LADNIER, Walter, age 26, died 29 November, in Boilxi, MS. from Accident, Informant, Jacob Ladnier of Gautier, MS.

LaFIER, Catherine born 26 November, 1826 died 27 July, 1913, Father: John D. Ratcliff born SC, Mother: Bertha Boulton born SC.

LaFORGE, Jerrell Edward b&d 13 March, 1926, buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Henry LaForge, Mother: Etta LaForge.

LaFORGE, John born 26 Feb. 1871 died 29 September, 1932, Father: Joseph LaForge born Mobile, AL. Mother: Maggie McConnel, born Mobile, AL.

LAIRD, Charles C. born 1869 died 8 June, 1922, single, buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Gates Laird, Mother: Mary Hensteadied

LAMB, Augutine (c) died 14 September, 1933 age 50, buried St Peters.

LAMBETH, Donna Hilda born 28 April, 1872 Valdosta, GA died 21 October, 1929, age 57, buried Machpelah Cemetery. Mother: Mary Self born Valdosta, GA.

LANCASTER, Alanzo died 17 March, 1925 age 46, buried St Paul.

LANCASTER, Pheobe born 20 December, 1860 died 1 November, 1931, buried St. Paul Cemetery. Father: John Walker.

LANDER, Clarice died 12 April, 1927, age 4, buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

LANG, John (c) died 13 May, 1924 age 60, buried St Paul.

LANGSTON, Henry C. died 17 November, 1919 age 5, buried Union Cemetery. Father: James Langston B. MS. Mother: Annie Edwards born Richton, MS.

LARRY, Isrella (c) born 11 July, 1883 died 15 Feb. 1931 Eats Side, Informant: Frank Larry, Father: Peter Martin born New Orleans, LA, Mother: Susan Bender born Jasper Co. MS.

LARSEN, Arent born 27 June, 1866 Gulfport, MS. died 11 May, 1934, Blacksmith, married, buried Greenwood Cemetery. Mother: Eurania Richards born Hancock Co. MS.

LARSON, Hirma ?Silvan born 11 September, 1884 Pensacola, FL died 14 Feb. 1936, buried Greenwood Cemetery. Engine mechanic, Lutheran, Father: Adolph Larson born Sweden, Mother: Mary E. Faulk born Pensacola, FL.

LARSON, Mary Elizabeth born 9 June, 1860, FL, died 24 October, 1913, buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: James H. Faulk, Mother: Rhoda Faulk.

LAUREDINE, Frank A. died 18 March, 1932 age 56, buried Greenwood.

LAVINHOUSE, Rose Addie born 31 January, 1883 died 19 May, 1930, Catholic, buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: William Spartley born England, Mother: Mary Elvena Ladnier born Pascagoula, MS.

LAVIRT, Ollie (c) died 22 Feb. 1914 age 2 yrs, 10 mo.

LAWRENCE, Daniel died 10 December, 1926 age 82 yrs.

LAWRENCE, Elizabeth (c) born 1851, MS. died 11 July, 1914, Married.

LAWRENCE, Emaline born 1844 MS. died 27 August, 1927, Father: Bilbo Lawrence, Mother: Charlotte Goff.

LAWRENCE, Isaac, born 1850 MS. died 29 November, 1934, Father: David Lawrence.

LAWSON, Alice (c) died 28 July, 1931 age 10.

LAWSON, Carrie (c) died 18 September, 1934 age 40, Father: John sanders born Jackson, AL.

LAWSON, Ida Bell (c) born Wade, MS. died 17 Feb. 1919, age 31, Wife of P. L. Lawson, Father: Frank Morris, Mother: Mary Walker born AL.

LEATHERWOODS, Jimmie born 15 August, 1872 died 12 June, 1925 buried Machpelah Cemetery, Pascagoula, MS.

LEE, B. B. died 13 December, 1915, Hurley, MS.

LEE, Bettie Rouse died 6 December, 1926, buried Greenwood Cemetery, Father: Eugene Lee born AL. Mother: Ophelia Manuel born Pascagoula, MS.

LEE, Charles born 5 August, 1860, Ohio died 18 April, 1936 Helena, MS. buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Oliver Lee born Ashland, Ohio; Mother: Cynthia Lyons born OH.

LEE, Eugene Vanare died 26 February, 1932 age 3, Father: Eugene Hall born AL. Mother: Ophilia Manuel.

LEE, George W. died 17 January, 1933, age 54, buried FL.

LEE, Herman Edward died 20 March, 1926 age 7, buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: John Lee born AL. Mother: Catherine Stine born AL

LEE, inf. died 18 January, 1927, Father: L. D. buried Machpelah Cemetery.

LEHTONER, Wilhelmine Likri born 5 January, 1851 Finland, died 10 December, 1934, buried Greenwood Cemetery.

LEMAITRE, Infant of E. L. died 9 July, 1918, buried Lemaitre Cemetery.

LEMAITRE, Joseph born 24 December, 1837 died 20 April, 1926 Escatawpa, MS. buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Inf. Ernest Lemaitre.

LENNEP, George August born 10 June, 1863 died 15 April, 1932, buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Father: George August Lennep born Germany, Mother: Victoria DeRange born France.

LENNEP, Victor Emanuel born 25 July, 1867 died 2 August, 1932, buried Zion Cemetery, Father: George A. Lennep born Germany, Mother: Victoria DeSong born France.

LENNOX, Charles E. born 21 November, 1840, MI, died 24 October, 1916.

LEONARD, Lou born 16 Jan 1858 died 3 November, 1929, buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: John Hamilton Travis born Greenville, AL. Mother: Lou Buckaloh born Greenville, AL

LEPREE, Louis (c) born 4 March, 1866, died 19 November, 1925 buried St. Paul.

LEPREE, Mary (c) died 18 January, 1927, age 32, buried St Paul.

LEPREE, Nassin? died 28 November, 1926 age 58, buried St Paul.

LEROY, Elsey died 22 Jun. 1927 age 74, buried St Paul Cemetery.

LEROY, Herman drowned 4 June, 1926 Pascagoula, MS. age 14.

LETT, Kate (c) born 12 May, 1929, died 19 April, 1930.

LEWIS, Ella died 20 March, 1927, age 40, buried Gabriel.

LEWIS, Frank born 23 April, 1913 died 5 July, 1924. buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Walter Lewis, Mother: Belle Carrington born MS.

LEWIS, Frank Harris, born 11 March, 1865, died 6 November, 1930 Pascasgoula, MS. married, Catholic, Real Estate Broker, Father: Alfred D. Lewis.

LEWIS, Frank born 23 April, 1913 died 5 July, 1924 buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Walter Lewis, Mother: Belle Carrington born MS.

LEWIS, Martha (c) born 1821, AL died 19 January, 1917, Father: Lambert.

LEWIS, Mary Jane (c) died 8 April, 1921, buried Gautier Cemetery.

LEWIS, Willie died 20 August, 1916 Moss Point, MS.

LEUBA, Pauline born 7 September, 1845 died 19 March, 1928, buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Father: David Balengal born Scotland, Mother: Mary Patton born KY.

LIENHARD, Fritz born 29 May, 1854 died 7 July, 1916, steamboat Cpt, married, Presbyterian, buried Griffin Cemetery.

LINAM, James H. born 1 July, 1853 died 22 Feb. 1924, buried River Falls, AL. Father: John B. Linam born NC Mother: Lucy Harris born Lexington, KY.

LINDSEY, Thomas (c) died 2 April, 1925 age 50, buried St Paul.

LINDERS, Ambrose Henry born 25 March, 1870 died 25 December, 1923, Mother: Thyser?

LINDERS, Frank died 22 December, 1919, married, buried Greenwood Cemetery.

LINDINGER, Fredrick Louis born 4 Feb. 1871 died 4 November, 1933 single, Father: Frederick Lindinger born Germany, Mother: Fredericke Volle born Germany.

LINDSEY, Peter B. (c) died 11 September, 1930, buried Gabriel Cemetery, Informant: Jeanette Lindsey of Pascagoula, MS.

LINGEHAM, Fred L. born 30 March, 1857 died 24 September, 1933 Biloxi VA Hospitial born Baltimore, MD, buried Magnolia Cemetery.

LINGEHAM, W. L.died 15 June, 1926 Biloxi, MS. age 56, buried Coleman Cemetery. Hurley, MS. Inf. J. B. Gibson.

LINTON, Dorthy born 17 July, 1927 died 21 August, 1930, Father: Charles A. Linton born Century, FL, Mother: Mamie Estell Holyfield, born Sumrall, MS.

LIVELY, Cora E. born 4 Feb. 1883 died 27 November, 1933 Grand Bay, AL buried Ripley, W. VA, Father: R. P. Shinn born Ripley, W. VA, Mother: Artimsia Shambliss born West VA.

LIVIDAIS, Victoria died 20 May, 1914 (Pneumonia) age 43, married, buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Father: Joseph Lemaitre born France, Mother: Nancy Goff.

LIZER, Aunt (c) died 21 December, 1913

LOCKET, Will (c) died 6 November, 1929, auto accident, buried St Paul.

LOFTMAN, Annie Griffin died 6 April, 1920 Denver Co. buried Griffin Cemetery.

LOGAN, George C. born 1862 Washington Co. AL died 21 Feb. 1935 George Co. MS. Father: George Logan born AL.

LOGAN, Joseph B. born 1867 Washington Co. AL died 5 March, 1935, Father: James Logan, Mother: Barbara Sullivan born AL.

LOGAN, Thelma Ementa born 30 May, 1905 Panama Canal Zone, died 8 March, 1934 (auto accident) buried New Orleans, LA.

LONG, Albert B. born 14 Feb. 1860 died 1 April, 1930 Pascagoula, MS. (heart Failure), informant: J. H. Pelham, buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

LONG, Eliza born 20 May, 1852 Three Rivers, MS. died 12 July, 1934, buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Father: William Lyons born Mobile, AL. Mother: Mary Ann Cates born Mobile, AL.

LONG, Josephine (c) died 15 mar., 1926, buried St Paul Cemetery.

LONGMIRE, John (c) died 1 August, 1923 age, 78 born AL. Married

LOTT, James Elbert born 12 September, 1930 died 11 March, 1931 Pascagoula, MS. Father: Ollie J. Switzer, Mother: Agnes Switzer born Handsboro, MS.

LOVETT, Christina (c) died 20 August, 1920 age 11.

LOVETT, John (c) died 29 September, 1929 Gautier, MS. (auto accident) about 40 yrs. old, buried Mobile, AL.

LOWELL, Liberty L. born 16 January, 1859, NY, died 30 September, 1934 Mobile, AL.

LOWELL, Mary Eliza born 21 July, 1851 died 8 December, 1930 Pascagoula, MS. buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: G. W. S. Lowell born TN, Mother: Elizabeth Rooker born TN.

LOWERY, Robert L. born 1836, AL died 29 March, 1915, widower, Father: John Lowery born SC.

LUCAS, Ernest Paul died 13 October, 1918 Pascagoula, MS. age 20, buried Bay St Louis, MS.

LUCAS, Irene died 11 March, 1916, age 73, buried St Paul Cemetery.

LUCAS, John (c) died 2 October, 1924 age 42, buried St Paul.

LUNDY, Frances E. died 15 October, 1923 age 42, buried St Paul.

LUNDY, James A. born 25 December, 1869, died 31 May, 1932, buried Wilmer, AL. Father: James A. Lundy, Sr. born Mobile, AL. Mother: Martha Roberts born Mobile, AL.

LUNDY, Mary born 3 November, 1881 died 21 November, 1915 (pneumonia), married, buried Theodore, AL. Father: John Summerlin born AL. Mother: Ina Bell Henry, informant: George Lundy.

LUNDY, Melvin Mcllwain born 7 September, 1930 died 22 December, 1930. Father:

LUNDY, George W. born Mobile, AL. Mother: Lula Melvenia Bague born Pascagoula, MS. buried Orange Grove, MS.

LUNDY, Frances E. died 15 October, 1923 age 38, buried Ferrel Cemetery. Informant: Gordon Lundy.

LURENDINE, Lucy L. born 2 November, 1880 died 4 September, 1931 Mobile, AL. single, Employed Mobile Register, Mother: Lucile Whitman.

LUTENBACHER, Felix F. born 30 September, 1877 Convent, LA, died 16 April, 1933, buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: John B. Lutenbacher born France, Mother: Celena Cuero born LA.

LYMAN, Darcus died 11 November, 1934 age 77 born Sugsville, AL. Father: Hamp West.

LYMAN, Rosie (c) died 8 January, 1925 age 50 buried Grabriel Cemetery.

LYNCH, Charlotte died 21 October, 1919, age 77, buried Greenwood Cemetery.

LYND, Alton C. died 9 October, 1919, 10 mo. buried Ferrel Cemetery.

LYND, Burnham Edward died 1 September, 1927 buried Ferrell Cemetery.

LYND, Clarence W. born 24 April, 1893 died 18 March, 1929, buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Harry Lynd, Escatawpa.

LYND, Everlin Maggie died 26 July, 1924 age Mo. buried Four Mile Creek. Father: Harry Lynd.

LYND, Harry, Sr. born 10 September, 1872 New Orleans, LA died 18 May, 1935, buried Ferrell Cemetery, Father: A. F. Lynd born New Orleans, LA, Mother: Sarah Johnson born St. Louis, MO.

LYNN, Elizabeth Emily died 1936, dau. of John Henry Barrow born Mobile, AL & Mary Rogers born Mobile, AL. buried Ferrell Cemetery.

LYONS, Charlotte Elizabeth born 15 December, 1855 died 17 March, 1936, Methodist, informant: Irvin & Norman Lyons, buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Father: Siver Goff born MS.

LYONS, Eliza Jane born 22 June, 1862, died 20 January, 1929 (pneumonia) Forts Lake, buried Union Church Cemetery. AL. Father: James Johnson.

LYONS, James Edward born 10 September, 1907 died 18 January, 1929 Pecan, MS. Father: J. H. Lyons born Grand Bay, AL. Mother: Jane Johnson born Spring Hill, AL.

LYONS, John H. born 30 March, 1853 died 20 January, 1929 (pneumonia) Forts Lake, buried Union Church Cemetery, AL. Father: John Lyons born Mobile, AL. Mother: Nancy Watley.

LYONS, Milton Leroy born 17 March, 1904 Orange Grove, MS. died 25 August, 1934 Pecan, MS. buried Forts Lake Cemetery. Father: Rube Lyons born Grand Bay, Al Mother: Celestine Bosarge b, Grand Bay, AL.

LYONS, Viola M. born 18 February, 1883 Vancleave, MS. died 20 December, 1934 buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Beaurguard Quimby born AL. Mother: Melisia Sumrall b, MS. Informant: Irwin Lyons.

MCBAY, John R. born 3 August, 1860 Selma, AL. died 10 September, 1937.

McCARTER, Eudora born 31 July, 1954, died 19 December, 1928 buried Griffin Cemetery, Father: James McCarter born VA, Mother: Lucy N. Pierce born VA.

McCASKILL Armstead (c) died 16 Feb. 1936 Hurley, County Home.

McCASKILL, Ben died 26 June, 1933 age 64, b, Peach Tree, GA

McCAUNAGH, Jeff (c) died 17 November, age 68, buried St Paul Cemetery.

McCOOL, Helen Lucile died 6 December, 1927, 1 month old. Buried Johnson Cemetery. Informant: Joe W. Faggart & J. P. McCool.

McCONNEL, Ruth died 2 March, 1920 Escatawpa, MS. buried Lackey Cemetery. Father: John Porter.

McCOY, James Augustus died 9 April, 1924, age 61, married, buried Grand Bay, AL.

McCULLUM, Duncan H. born 1 March, 1875, Simpson Co. MS. died 6 March, 1936, buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Duncan McCullum born Westville, MS. Mother: Mary Hartwell born Westville, MS.

McCUNE, Eliza born 5 June, 1853, died 27 October, 1926 Moss Point, MS. buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Steven Overstreet born AL. Informant: J. J. McCune.

McDADE, Amelia (c) born 16 October, 1888, died 4 March, 1927, Father: Rod Elder, Mother: Caroline Wood born Leaksville, MS.

McDADE, Ethel (c) died 11 November, 1925, buried St Paul Cemetery.

McDADE, Thadders (c) died 20 Feb. 1925 age 36, buried St Paul Cemetery.

McDANIEL (c) born 25 December, 1853, died 4 January, 1932, Married

McDANIEL, Dicey (c) died 9 October, 1934, age 86, born Columbus, MS.

McDANIEL, James (c) died 20 July, 1920, Father: Henry McDaniel.

McEACHERN, Charles Gresham Dr. born 24 January, 1876 Vaiden, MS. died 25 April, 1935 fractured skull in auto accident, buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: Angus McEachern born MS. Mother: Gerring? Shipp born Vaiden, MS.

McEACHERN, Laura Dana born 14 October, 1877 died 18 March, 1921 Denver, C), husborn Dr. C. G. McEachern, buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: J. W. Griffin. Inf. Dr. C. G. McEachern, Denver.

McEACHERN, Alexander died 29 January, 1924, age 78 yrs.

McFAIL, Aaron (c) died 4 May, 1921 age 34, Buried St Paul.

McFAIL, Alice (c) died 17 June, 1919 age 54 yrs.

McFAIL, D. C. (c) died 29 July, 1925 age 54, buried St Paul.

McFAIL, Kate (c) born Lucedale, MS. died 8 Feb. 1936, age 84, Father: John Blake.

McFAIL, Nancy (c) born 18 Feb. 1871 died 4 June, 1931 Moss Point, MS. buried St Paul Cemetery. Informant: Richard & Johnny Williams

McFAIL, Scott 9c) died 26 April, 1927, age 45, buried St. Paul.

McFAIL Sidney (c) died 1 November, 1928 age 38, buried St Paul.

McFARLAND, J. Esley died 2 December, 1921, buried Union Cemetery.

McFARLAND, Marcus H. died 13 November, 1926, age 40, buried Greenwood Cemetery. Informant: Eda McFarland.

McFARLAND, Robert Lee born 13 January, 1876 Escatawpa, MS. died 17 January, 1935, Moss Point, MS. Father: John McFarland born Ireland, Mother: Frances Wilkerson born Moss Point, MS. Informant: Scott & Dora McFarland.

McGEE, John H. died 1 July, 1930 Sanatorium, Sampson Co. MS. 51 yrs., Informant: Rosalie McGee, Moss Point, MS.

McGEHEE, Arthur Lyles born 14 September, 1893 Orange, TX, died 3 March, 1934, TX, Father: Nathan McGhee born LA, Mother: Mary Mollie born Orange, TX.

McILWAIN, Thomas (c) died 20 Feb. 1929 age 75.

McINNIS, Anna Bliss born 19 June, 1892 died 10 January, 1936, buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: Laughlin McInnis born Green Co. MS. Mother: Rachel McIntosh b,. Green Co. MS.

McINNIS, Archie (c) died 23 Feb. 1926 Escatawpa, MS.

McINNIS, Catherine Eran died 8 January, 1930 age 6, buried Machpelah, Father: N. M. McInnis born, Green Co. MS. Mother: Bernice Herrin born Moss Point, MS.

McINNIS, Eula born 13 September, 1855, AL died 11 August, 1935, Father: Stephen Whitehead.

McINNIS, Laughlin died 19 April, 1932 age 44, buried Griffin Cemetery.

McINNIS, Not born 9 October, 1856 Merrill, MS. died 23 April, 1935, buried Griffin Cemetery. wife, Florrie; Father: Alexander McInnis born NC, Mother: Margaret McKay born Leaf, MS.

McINNIS, Rachel McIntosh born 1857 died 29 April, 1922, buried Griffin Cemetery.

McINNIS, Stone D. died 25 December, 1928 married, buried Griffin Cemetery.

McINNIS, W. N. born 1858 Jasper Co. MS. died 15 April,1922, Father: Duncan McInnis, Mother: Cynthia Lewis.

McINNIS, William Oleander died 13 December, 1926, buried Machpelah Cemetery.

McINTOSH, Eliza Ann (Mrs.) born 20 January, 1843 died 6 December, 1943, buried Griffin Cemetery. Moss Point, MS.

McINTOSH, Flavors born 15 December, 1875 died 22 October, 1932, married, Methodist, Father: John McIntosh born Vernan, MS. Mother: Rose Robinson born Vernan, MS.

McINTOSH, John J. born 20 May, 1864 died 17 December, 1925, Moss Point, MS. buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: Thomas McIntosh born Scotland, Mother: Eliza patterson born Toronto, Canada.

McKAY, Corine (c) born 4 January, 1901 died 16 January, 1928 Father: Paul Stringfellow, Mother: Lizzie Carter.

McKAY, Florius J. born 21 July, 1856, died 7 November, 1930 Gautier, MS. buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: Singleton Vaughan McKay born VernAL. MS. Mother: Sarah H. McInnis born Vernal, MS.

McKAY, M. J. (Mrs.) died 12 December, 1928 George Co. MS. age 79, born Jackson Co., MS. Father: John Cowart.

McKAY, Sarah Ann born 1 March, 1859 died 21 April, 1929, buried Griffin Cemetery. Informant: Richmond McKay of Lucedale, MS.

McKAY, Washington (c) died 29 December, 1924, born MS. Father: Gill McKay, Mother: Charlotte Fairley.

McKENION, William W. (c) born Mobile, AL died 1 September, 1935, age 79, Father: Andy McKenion.

McKENZIE, Mary died 2 April, 1924 age 69, buried Lockey.

McLENDON, Needham born Simpson Co. MS. died 1922 Simpson Co. MS. age 76, Father: William McLendon born Darlington, SC, Mother: Barbara Aaron, born SC.

McLEMORE, John (c) died 27 March, 1901 age 17, buried St Paul.

McLEOD, Clifford born 24 September, 1887 Montgomery, AL died 28 June, 1933, Father: John A. McLeod, Mother: Ella Virginia Grout born Auburn, AL.

McLEOD, Constance died 3 December, 1925 age 4, buried Machpelah.

McLEOD, Daniel Jackson born 9 May, 1849, died 10 October, 1927 Moss Point, MS. buried Union Cemetery. Father: Norman McLeod born Scotland, Mother: Artlisse Cockeroff born NC.

McLEOD, Francis Summer born 7 August, 1844 died 19 August, 1928, buried Griffin Cemetery. Moss Point, MS.

McLEOD, Jackson born 9 May 1849 died 10 October, 1927, Father: Norman McLeod born Scotland, Mother: Artlisse Cockeroff born NC.

McLEOD, Mary Catherine born 12 April, 1855 died 22 July, 1926 Moss Point, MS. buried Griffin Cemetery. Wife of D. W. McLeod.

McLEOD, Nora died 19 Apr, 1928 age 33, buried Union Cemetery.

McLEOD, Singleton Alexander born 22 June, 1852, died 17 April, 1931 Moss Point, MS. Father: Norman McLeod born Scotland, Mother: Arthisse Cockeroff born NC, chg. to Elly McLeod.

McLEOD, SiMS. C. born 4 September, 1896, died 31 May., 1933, buried Union Cemetery, Father: Calvin McLeod born Sc, Mother: Dora Posey born St Elmo, AL.

McLEOD, Verdia Ross died 27 October, 1923 age 32, buried, Machpelah Cemetery.

McLEOD, William Earl born 15 September, 1875 Leaf, MS. died 9 July, 1934, buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: Daniel Webster McLeod born Leaf, MS. Mother: Catherine McIntosh born Vernal. MS.

McMILLAN, Henrietta born 17 December, 1861 died 13 October, 1923, buried Turnell Springs, AL. Informant: M. B. McMillan, Kreole, MS.

McMILLAN, Louise S. born 7 September, 1858 died 2 January, 1927 Grand Bay, AL. buried in TN, Father: Charles Stewart born Ireland, Mother: Mary Duincan born Scotland.

McMILLAN, Manly Burns died 10 July, 1927 age 6 Shreveport, LA, buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

McNAIR, Henry died 2 April, 1924 age 77, Father: L. D. McNair born SC, Mother: ? Russell born AL.

McQUARRIE, Clara died 3 July, 1851 died 12 March, 1929, buried McQuarrie Cemetery, Father: John Cunningham born Escatawpa, MS. Mother: Martha Lyons, born Mobile, AL.

McQUARRIE, Laughlin born 14 Feb. 1851 died 15 May, 1932, buried McQuarrie Cemetery. Father: James McQuarrie born Nova Scotia.

McQUEEN, Lucy Bell born 4 Feb. 1906 died 2 April, 1922.

Mabry, baby, b&d 13 April, 1930, Father: John Garland Mabry, Mother: Lelia Edith Cassibry.

Maddox, Emma Florence died 17 March, 1919, Machpelah Cemetery.

Madison, Peter (c) died 6 October, 1924 age 18, buried Gautier, MS.

Maki, Louis Arthur died 14 November, 1925 Mobile, AL age 29 buried Ferrell cemetery. Informant: Otto Eckhoff.

Maki, Mrs. died 7 June, 1922 age 61, buried Pecan, MS.

MALLEY, Ada born 10 Feb. 1890, died 1926 buried Johnson Cemetery. Informant: Sam H. Malley.

MALLETT, Clem born 1836 Jackson Co. MS. died 21 January, 1913, Father: John Mallet, Mother: Elizabeth Tillman.

MALLETT, David born 1860 Jackson Co. MS. died 24 June, 1930, Father: Clem Mallett, Mother: Adeline Miller.

MALLETT, Essey died 1 April,1936 age 69, widow, Father: Jack Mason born Ireland, Mother: Sallie Brannan born AL.

MALLETT, George died 30 December, 1922 born France, married

MALLETT, G. R. died 4 October, 1933 age 76 yrs, Father: Clem Mallett, Mother: Adeline Miller, born MS.

MALLETT, Laveny died 15 May, 1918 Moss Point, MS. buried Ocean Springs, MS. Inf. Allen Mallett.

MALLETT, Louise Jane born 1 October, 1844 Jackson Co. MS. died 27 November, 1922, widow, Father: James Davis born MS. Mother: Sophronia Denmark.

MALLETT, Lucinda died 4 November, 1925, age 73, Father: James Cowart, Mother: Nancy Ward born MS.

MALLETT, Rebecca born 1852, MS. died 9 December, 1933, Father: Gabriel Moffett.

MALLEY, Ada born 10 Feb. 1890 died 1926, Buried Johnson Cemetery. Informant: Sam H. Malley.

MALLEY, Sam N. died Big Point, MS. age 36 buried Johnson Cemetery. no dates listed.

MALOY, Wade Hampton died 4 September, 1929 age 49, buried Opp., AL. Father: Andrew J. Maloy born Choctow Co. AL. Mother: Louise Saster born Coffee Co. AL.

MAMARIA, Lena died 6 July, 1928 age 65, buried Union Cemetery.

MANNING, John Andrew born 15 October, 1849 died 12 July, 1929.

MANRONIE, Andrew born January, 1840 in Athen, Greece died 29 March, 1935, baptist, retired painter, buried Union Cemetery. Father: Andrew George Manronie born Greece.

MANSFIELD, Elieen died 16 July, 1918 New Orleans, LA, buried Greenwood Cemetery.

MANTOW, Mary Ellen born 14 August, 1853, died 1 August, 1931, buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: John L. Grant born Baltimore, MD, Mother: Delphine Krebs.

MANY, Reuben died 19 December, 1928 age 75.

Maples, Henry died 30 January, 1925 Forts Lake, MS. age 71.

MAPLES, Matilda born 20 July, 1890 died 16 November, 1924, buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

MARION, Ed (c) died 8 July, 1928, age 70 yrs.

MARKS, Tom (c) died 1 January, 1924 age 37, buried St Paul.

MARSHALL, Louise (c) died 2 November, 1934 age, 40, Father: Buck Nelson.

MARTHALER, O. C., Jr. died 26 June, 1921, buried Kreole Cemetery.

MARTIN, Alice virginia born 12 July, 1865 Monroeville, AL died 17 June, 1934, Baptist, widow, buried Martin Bluff. Father: John Williamson born Monroeville, AL. Mother: Harriet Owens born AL.

MARTIN, Asaline (c) born 24 June, 1877, died 28 November, 1928

MARTIN, David R. born 21 November, 1867 Gautier, MS. died 20 Feb. 1934, buried Martin Bluff Cemetery. Father: James Martin born England, Mother: Mary Sumerall born Corinth, MS.

MARTIN, Edward (c) died 1 April, 1920 age 33, buried St Paul.

MARTIN, Emile died 18 November, 1921 age 74, buried Gautier, MS. Informant: Archie Wilson.

MARTIN,. Geo E. died 27 December, 1934 Natchez, MS. buried Coleman Cemetery.

MARTIN, Isaac William born 24 November, 1844 died 27 Feb. 1927, buried Zion Cemetery. Father: Isaac Martin born CN, Mother: Candis L. Rockwell born CN. Informant: J. W. Parker.

MARTIN, James H. (c) born 30 June, 1884 died 28 August, 1923.

MARTIN, James L. (c) born 14 Feb. 1878 died 10 December, 1925.

MARTIN, Jane died 16 September, 1923 Gautier, MS.

MARTIN, Katie Idell died 21 October, 1918, buried Griffin Cemetery.

MARTIN, Petrolatum died 4 October, 1918 Moss Point, MS. buried Union Cemetery.

MASON, Bryant died 4 August, 1929 age 70, born AL. Father: Jefferson Mason.

MASON, Frank born 1962 Evergreen, AL died 19 March, 1934.

MASON, James Henry born 5 July, 1878 Leaksville, MS. died 14 August, 1933, married, Baptist, buried Union Cemetery. Father: Allen Mason born Pass Christian, MS.

MASON, Harriet A. born 1857, AL died 23 November, 1930, Father: William Powell, Mother: Mary Hammond born AL

MASON, Thomas born 1845 died 5 March, 1918, buried Vancleave, MS.

MASON, William M. born 1853 Citronell, AL died 14 July, 1933, Father: Jack Mason, Mother: Sally Brannan born AL.

MATTHEWS, Mariah (c) died 2 August, 1919 age 48 yrs. MATTHEWS, Clementine (c) died 13 October, 1917 age 25, buried St Paul Cemetery.

Maxwell, Elvin born 26 January, 1838, died 26 November, 1921, buried Greenwood Cemetery.

MASXWELL, Zoe born 1847 died 11 November, 1925 Birmingham, AL age 78, buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

MELAOL, Mattie died 11 December, 1926 Pecan, MS.

MEKLASS, Paul born 1854, died 19 Feb. 1925 Gulfport, MS. buried Union Cemetery.

MELACON, Grace died 4 June, 1927, buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Donald Melacon born LA, Mother: Emalise Guygry, LA.

MELENE, Arrma Henrietta born 25 April, 1870 died 16 October, 1932, buried Machpelah, Father: George Frentz born Germany, Mother: Helen Richards born MS. City, MS. wife of Cpt. Charles Melene.

MERRITT, A. G. (male) born 1853 Perry Co. MS. died 12 November, 1921, Father: Isaac Merritt born Perry Co. MS.

MERRIWEATHER, Chas S. died 11 December, 1934 New Orleans, LA, age 87, buried Machpelah Cemetery.

MILLENDER, Annie Bell (c) born 27 July, 1878 died 6 August, 1930 Moss Point, MS. buried St Paul Cemetery. Father: Austin Johnson, born Mobile, AL. Mother: Elizas Gragary born Moss Point, MS.

MILLENDER, Julius died 26 October, 1918, age 22, buried St Paul Cemetery.

MILLENDER, Mildred (c) born 16 January, 1929 died 19 August, 1930, Father: Wesley Millender Moss Point, Mother: Cassie Braughan, Monroeville, AL.

MILES, baby, b&d 30 June, 1926 Father: Dantzler J. Miles born AL. Mother: Mary Wells born Theodore, AL.

MILES, Bessie (c) died 25 December, 1917 age 15, buried St Paul Cemetery.

MILES, Rosas L. died 11 December, 1921 age 37 5 mo. 27 days, buried Lemaitre Cemetery.

MILES, Rufus L. born 6 March, 1929 died 29 April, 1926 buried Lemaitre Cemetery. Father: Rufus L. Miles

MILLER, Albert Eugene died 3 October, 1917 age 45, buried 4 mile Creek Cemetery. Informant, John Young.

MILLER, Alice died 18 April, 1924 age 65 yrs, born Jackson Co. MS. widow, Father: Daniel Goff, Mother: Susan Mizell born Jackson Co. MS.

MILLER, Armon Eugene d 21 November, 1932 age 18, buried Ferrell Cemetery, Father: Edward Miller, Mother: Minnie Mizelle.

Miller, Ellen born 15 July, 1832, died 1 May, 1929, buried Machpelah Cemetery.

MILLER, Hasis Clifton, died 26 March, 1915 age 6, buried Union Cemetery.

MILLER, Joel J. born 5 Feb. 1861 died 19 December, 1913 Escatawpa, MS. buried Ferrell Cemetery.

MILLER, Louis P. born 28 July, 1887 died 3 September, 1932, Father: Phillip Miller born Germany.

MILLER, Mattie born 12 April, 1896 died 15 Feb. 1936 in child birth. Buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: Thomas Allen born Meridian, MS. Mother: Idella Rogers born Escatawpa, husband, Charley Miller.

MILLER, mary Elizabeth born 16 June, 1882 Green Briar, TN., died 30 August, 1936. Father: John Jackson Green born TN. Mother: Drucilla Hinkle, born TN.

MILLER, Minnie E. born 28 May, 1887 died 15 January, 1926, married, buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: John Mizell born Escatawpa, MS. Mother: Rebecca Courtney born Escatawpa, MS.

MILLER, Nancy Wallace born 30 September, 1865 died 3 March, 1922 Escatawpa, MS. Buried Ferrell Cemetery.

MILLER, Nellie May, born 7 July, 1913 died 4 September, 1915, buried Big Point Methodist Church Cemetery.

MILLETT, John born 18 Mar, 1847 Austria died 4 March, 1922, buried Greenwood Cemetery, Father: John Millett born Austria.

MILLETT, Keturah born 9 September, 1849, died 12 May, 1928, buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Thomas Welch born Ireland, Mother: Nancy Bebee.

MISTEAD, Joseph Allen died 20 Feb. 1918 (heart failure) age 45, buried Orange Grove Cemetery.

MIMS, Henry died 3 April, 1914

MINOR, John (c) died 17 June, 1924 age 28 buried Escatawpa, MS.

MITCHELL, Artharine died 25 December, 1914 age 32 St Paul Cemetery.

MITCHELL, Herman I. died 10 Feb. 1920 age 3, Father: B. I. Mitchell.

MIXON, Mary died 17 January, 1937 age 83 yrs., widow.

MIZELLE, Bruner Griffin died 23 July, 1918 buried Union Cemetery.

MIZELLE, George died 8 June, 1935 age 77, born MS. married, Father: James Mizelle

MIZELLE, inf. of W. G. died 27 August, 1915 Hurley, MS.

MIZELLE, John Wesley born 8 May, 1856 died 13 August, 1932, buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: Griffin Mizelle born MS. Martha Sawell born MS.

MIZELLE, Nancy born Greene Co. MS. died 26 April, 1936. Father: Hub Cooley, born SC. Mother: Sarah Williams born Greene Co.

MIZELLE, Rebecca Jane born 3 August, 1861 died 3 June, 1920, buried Ferrell Cemetery. Father: Jesse Courtney, Mother: Lucy McDowell. Informant: John W. Mizelle.

MIZELLE, Susan died 23 Feb. 1925 Hurley, MS.

MIZELLE, Susan born 16 May, 1848, died 23 Feb. 1935, Father: ?? Crawford

Mizell, William Ernest died 20 October, 1916, Father: W. G. Mizell, Mother: Sarah Jones born MS.

MOFFETT, Ella died 7 January, 1935 age 87, born Mobile Co. AL widow, Father: ?? Pierce.

MOFFETT, Louis died 9 November, 1915 age 70, buried Plinty Cemetery.

MOFFETT, Tom (c) born 8 September, 1869 died 15 May, 1931, Escatawpa, MS.

MOFFETT, Sim (c) died 30 August, 1924, age 47 yrs.

MONTAMAT, Henry born 24 October, 1872, LA died 14 March, 1918, buried Catholic Cemetery. Father: E. F. Montamat, Mother: Easie Matthews born LA.

MONTGOMERY, Mary (c) died 12 November, 1918, buried St Paul Cemetery.

MOMTGOMERY, Will Lee (c) died 9 June, 1928, buried Piner Hill.

MONTIETH, M. M. died 5 January, 1921 Hurley, MS. Informant, J. B. Gibson.

MONTIETH, Nathaniel Monroe born 1855 died 5 January, 1922 Hurley, MS. Mother: Catherine Ely.

MOODY, Clara born 6 January, 1876 died 15 March, 1936, buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: George Charles Lyons born Mobile, AL. Mother: Jane Green born Casslebury, AL.

MOODY, James E. d 17 June, 1920 age, 66, Father: Dr. T. H. Moody

MOODY, Julia (Mrs.) born 26 August, 1860 died 26 July, 1921, buried Cross Roads Cemetery, Informant: Frank Moody.

MOODY, George Washington born 1840 Mobile Co. AL died 1913.

MOODY, Ruble Ernest b 6 Feb. 1897 died 28 October, 1935 Mobile, AL. buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Richard E. Moody born Brewton, AL. Mother: Clara Lyons.

MOODY, Thomas H. (Dr.) born 7 August, 1860 died 28 October, 1924 Hurley, MS. buried Cross Roads Cemetery. Informant: Frank and Tom Moody.

MOODY, Thomas Lindsey, age 21, died 17 June, 1930 Mobile, AL. buried Cross Roads Cemetery. Father: T. K. Moody born Basin, MS. Mother: Cora Wood born Moss Point, MS.

MOODY, William M. born 1830 TN died 5 April, 1920, Father: William Moody, born TN, Mother: Mary Bragg born Lauderdale Co. MS.

MOORE, Addie (c) died 31 May, 1925 age 43, buried Franklin Cemetery.

MOORE, Annie May, died 22 June, 1924 age 17, buried Ferrell Cemetery.

MOORE, B. F. died 15 December, 1915 Kreole, MS.

MOORE, Caroline (c) age 79, died 30 June, 1930 Moss Point, MS. Informant: Henry Harris.

MOORE, Charles died 21 November, 1933 age 26, buried Machpelah Cemetery.

MOORE, Emanuel died 17 November, 1917 born MS. Father: Arthur Moore.

MOORE, Fannie (c) died 13 December, 1929 age 50 buried Grand Bay, AL.

MOORE, Flora (c) born 1 April, 1853, AL died 21 October, 1929, buried Gabriel Cemetery. Mother: Nancy Simpson.

MOORE, Harriet Ann died 16 July, 1914 Laine, MS. age 65

MOORE, Henry B. died 4 Feb. 1918 (typhoid & pneumonia), buried Machpelah Cemetery, Father: Henry B. Moore.

MOORE, Kartie V., died 18 August, 1925 Gulfport, MS. age 85, buried Griffin Cemetery. Informant, A. M. Cowan.

MOORE, Landon (c) died 10 November, 1925 age 25, buried Gabriel Cemetery.

MOORE, Martha Duffy died 1 January, 1919, age 83, Father: Oliver Miles, Mother: Sarah Miles.

MOORE, Mary Ellis born 11 December, 1857 died 16 September, 1931, buried 4 Mile Creek, Father: Sam A. Oliver, Norfolk, VA, Mother: Margaret Cunningham born LA.

MOORE, Rufus died 21 March, 1929, age 67 yrs. born Jackson Co. MS. married, Father: Calvin Moore, Mother: Effie Fairley.

MOORE, Thomas died 19 March, 1915, buried Black Byrd Pond.

MORGAN, John Y. born 29 June, 1851, died 21 May, 1918 Pascagoula, MS. buried Machpelah Cemetery. wife: Margaret Pol. Father: Thomas Morgan born Wales, Mother: Mary Ann Richardson born England.

MORIE, John Sr. born Cuba died 21 October, 1917, Pecan, MS. buried Orange Grove Cemetery. age 65.

MORRIS, baby b&d 10 March, 1931, Moss Point, MS. Father: M. J. Morris born Semmes, AL. Mother: Norma Louise Mcleod born Moss Point, MS.

MORRIS, Joe (c) died 2 November, 1931, age 55, buried St Paul.

MORRIS, Henry (c) died 24 Feb. 1918 Orange Grove, age 80.

MORRIS, Nellie (c) died 1 September, 1923 buried Oran Grove, MS.

MOSLEY, Louise (c) born 1824 died 22 August, 1924.

MOSLEY, Susie May (c) died 30 June, 1924, age 50, buried Gabriel Cemetery.

MOSLEY, Priscille (c) died 3 Feb. 1926 Pascagoula, MS. age 87.

MOSTELLER, David B. born 11 September, 1868 died 8 March, 1916, married, Baptist, buried Machpelah Cemetery.

MOTON, Major Myers (c) died 26 June, 1931 buried St. Paul.

MOTON, Stella E (c) died 7 April, 1924 age 51, buried St Paul.

MULLENS, Eureka born 20 October, 1888 died 5 April, 1931 Moss Point, MS. married, Catholic, Charged to George Mullens.

MURPHY, Alma Inez, born 13 Feb. 1919 Birmingham, AL. died 5 May, 1934, buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Samuel Murphy born Green Co. AL. Mother: Mary Bell Denton born Bensville, MS.

MURPHY, John Knox born Hurley, MS. died 31 October, 1936, Informant: Sophie Murphy, Father: Tom Murphy of Pierce Level, AL

MURPHY, Samuel D. born 12 December, 1871, died 23 July, 1926 East Side. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Inf. Mary D. Murphy.

MURPHY, Tom died 16 June, 1921 Hurley, MS.

MURRAY, Andrew Jackson born 1 Feb. 1855, died 20 July, 1927, buried Orange Grove Cemetery. widow.

MURRAY, James died 9 June, 1929, age 96 yrs. Married

MURRAY, Elizabeth Frances died 19 October, 1921 Syna, AL age 58.

MYERS, Clara Eugenia born 2 Feb. 1869 Eyota, MN, died 16 December, 1934, buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Martin Wheeler born MS. Mother: Jennie House. Informant: Paul Myers.

MYERS, John H., Jr. born 28 August, 1882, died 13 September, 1927 buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: John Myers, Sr.

MYERS, Joseph John born 12 November, 1856 died 9 April, 1926, buried Machpelah Cemetery. Informant: Clara Myers.

MYERS, Margaret born 6 September, 1862 Moss Point, MS. died 30 October, 1936, Methodist, Father: William H. Myers born PA. Mother: Mary Cumbest born Three Rivers, MS.

MYLES, Alice Jones died 21 April, 1929 age 20 buried St Paul.

NARICE, John B., born LA, died 27 December, 1935, age 75, Catholic, Father: John Narcise.

NATHAM, Francis (c) died 19 March, 1932 age 61, buried St Paul Cemetery.

NED, Arthemise (c) born 9 April, 1884, died 18 March, 1931.

Neil, Georgia (c) died 20 April, 1917, age 75, buried St Paul Cemetery.

Neilson, Joseph Kell died 30 December, 1932, buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father: Neils Neilson born Norway, Mother: Margaret Clark, born Mobile, AL.

NELSON, Annie L. born 8 January, 1870 died 8 September, 1932 Big Point, MS. buried Pine Crest Cemetery, widow, Father: Reuben Byrd born Vancleave, MS. Mother: Caroline Carter born Hurley, MS. Informant: Ernest M. Goff of Long Beach, MS.

NELSON, Buck born 16 July, 1854 died 18 September, 1931, Father: Phil NMelson born Birmingham, AL.

NELSON, Charles John born November, 1857 died 23 November, 1928, buried Foru Miles Creek Cemetery. Informant: Cole Nelson.

NELSON, Dora born 25 July, 1897 died 23 July, 1917, buried Zion Cemetery. Father: W. H. Nelson, Mother: Fannie Nelson.

NELSON, Elizah born NC, Informant: John C. Nelson, buried Palmetto Beach, AL.

NELSON, Ernest Irwin died 24 August, 1927(auto accident), buried Coleman Cemetery, Informant: W. T. Goff.

NELSON, Eugene Jefferson born 1869 died 31 December, 1927 buried Machpelah Cemetery.

NELSON, Fannie L. died 1927 Meridian, MS. age 56, buried Four Mile Creek Cemetery. Father: Henry Kirkwood, Mother: Miranda Kirkwood.

NELSON, John Clifford died 24 June, 1918 Pascagoula, MS. age 72 yrs. born AL. buried near Palmetto, AL. Widow: Claudie Nelson.

NELSON, John N. born 4 January, 1844 Charleston, SC died 11 August, 1914. Escatawpa, MS. buried Ferrell Cemetery, Widower, Father: W. M. Nelson.

NELSON, Jorgen Christina born 1848 Denmark died 19 feborn, 1924, Father: Jorgen Nelson.

NELSON, Marshall C. died 17 Feb. 1925 Grand Bay, AL.

NELSON, Mary Josephine born 27 January, 1867 Hurley, MS. died 18 March, 1914, Father: J. B. Coleman, Mother: Mary M. Morgan born AL.

NELSON, Mary Louise Denmark born 16 April, 1850 died 25 April, 1916 (pneumonia), widow, Baptist, buried Ferrel Cemetery.

NELSON, Rudolph died 8 May, 1916 age 8 mo. bur Ferrell Cemetery.

NELSON, Thomas born 18 June, 1842, NY died 3 July, 1927.

NELSON, W. inf. died 7 May, 1925, Father: W. H. Nelson, Jr., Mother: Ruby Pruit FAils.

NELSON, William Lawson, born 7 November, 1877 died 28 July, 1924 Big Point, MS. buried Coleman cemetery in Hurley, MS. Wife: Edna Nelson. Inf. Hurdis Nelson, Father: W.L. Nelson, Mother: Katherine Roberts.

NELSON, William Lawson, Sr. born 6 May, 1843 died 9 January, 1921 (pneumonia) farmer, Wife: Catherine, Father: William Lawson Nelson, Sr., Mother: Mary Ely born Americus, MS. Informant: W. L. Nelson, Jr. of Big Piont, MS.

NELSON, William Lawson, died 9 January, 1921, age 22, Informant: W. L. Nelson of Big Point, MS.

NETTLES, Dock (c) died 30 March, 1928 age 31 yrs.

NETTLES, George died 22 March, 1931 Moss Point, MS. from gun shot woundied Informant: Jessie Nettles.

NETTLES, Jessie Leona died 16 November, 1918, buried Tunnel Spring.

NETTLES, Mary (c) born 7 March, 1890 died 22 January, 1922 (pneumonia) buried St Paul Cemetery.

NEWLY, John died 6 June, 1924, buried Tobias, NB.

NEWMAN, Henry (c) died 21 November, 1923, age 70 yrs.

NEWMAN, Mary (c) born 5 September, 1987 died 28 May., 1931.

NIBLET, Cecila (c) died 22 August, 1926 New Orleans, LA, age 14 yrs.

NIBLETT, Edwin (c) died 18 April, 1920, buried Gabriel Cemetery.

NICHOLS, Clara Irene b&d 19 October, 1931, Father: George Edward Nichols born Mobile, AL. Mother: Lillie Broadus born Orange Grove, MS.

NIX, Margaretta Clara born 25 June, 1864, SC died 1 March, 1927, buried Griffin Cemetery. Father: John D. Nix born SC, Mother: Mary Ann Nix born SC. Informant: C. E. Posey.

NOBLES, John Franklin died 15 December, 1935 Mobile, AL age 73 yrs. buried Machpelah Cemetery.

NOLAN, Clara May died 21 August, 1929, buried Machpelah Cemetery, Father: Joseph G. Nolan born Brooklyn, NY, Mother: Ruth E. Nolan born Ladoga, IN.

NOLAN, Margaret died 7 November, 1914 Modd Point, MS. age 65, Informant J. J. McCune, buried Catholic Cemetery.

NOLAN, Thomas B. 18 June, 1842, NY died 3 July, 1927

NORA, Angel (c) died 1 April, 1924 age 79, buried St Peters.

NORA, Hariet (c) born 8 May, 1859 died 13 June, 1932, buried Gabriel Cemetery.

NORA, Jane (c) born 1o October, 1881, died 5 October, 1931, buried Gabriel Cemetery.

NORRIS, William Anderson born 1 April, 1848 Greenville, AL. died 18 September, 1933 Kreole, MS. buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father: Joe Norris born NC, Mother: Amelia Scarborough born Greenville, AL.

NORVEL, William Henry (c) died 31 December, 1917 age 51, fisherman.

NORWOOD, Ernest A. born 22 August, 1889 New orleans, LA died 17 May, 1935, buried Machpelah, Father: John J. Norwood born LA, Mother: Christina Schelegler born Harvey, LA.

NYMAN, Mary Matilda born 25 December, 1887, died 7 December, 1925 in child birth Escatawpa, MS. buried Roberts cemetery. Father: John B. Porter, Informant: Andrew Nyman, Jr.

NYLANDER, August Emil born 2 April, 1877 Sweden, died 12 August, 1934 buried Water Valley, MS. Father: Jarrah Nylander born Sweden, Mother: Christina Person born Sweden.

ODOM, LUGENIE AIDE born 20 December, 1903 died 20 October, 1945, buried in Bogolusa, LA. Widower; J.H. ODOM age 46 years.

OLIVER, ERETT born 14 April, 1895 Escatawpa, died 2 June 1946 Jackson CO., Widower; Lum OLIVER, buried Machpelah cemetery, Father; Thomas J. FRYE, born Leaksville, MS., Mother; Mary ROGERS

OLIVER, HIRAM G. born 24 December, 1860 Menosha, WI., died 31 January, 1941 buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father; William Henry OLIVER, born England, Mother; Clarin DAMERILLS.

OLSEN, AMY EMILE born 3 September, 1883 New Orleans, LA., died 22 August, 1950 Pascagoula. Buried Greenwood cemetery. Father; John J. NORWOOD.

OLSEN, ANDREW E. born 10 February, 1863 Norway, died 2 January, 1947 Gulfport, MS., Ship Captain, Buried in Biloxi, Widow; Pauline OLSEN age 75 years, Father; John OLSEN, born Norway, Mother; Elsie ROUMIELL, born Norway.

OLSEN, PAULINE ROSENE born 23 June, 1871 Pascagoula, died 28 January, 1948 Gulfport poor farm, buried Biloxi; Father; George DELIUS, Mother; Isabelle SOUTHERN.

OLSEN, RICHARD DANIEL born 25 October, 1881; died 17 November, 1951 Pascagoula, buried Greenwood cemetery. Widow; Olivia OLSEN age 60 years. Father; Charles OLSEN, Mother; Mary Ellen MANSFIELD.

OLSON, HELENA HENRIETTA born 25 October, 1864 New Orleans, LA., died 9 March, 1940. Buried Greenwood cemetery, Father; Martin FREEMAN born Germany; Mother; Anna WYMAN, born Germany.

O'NEAL, MARGARET born 11 August, 1888 Jackson CO., died 20 June, 1939 Larue, MS., buried in Byrd Cemetery. Father; Louis EDWARDS, born Biloxi, MS., Mother; Martha SAUCIER, born Biloxi.

ORINE, HERBERT born 22 November, 1894 Bourbon Co. KY., died 17 May, 1947 Pascagoula, buried Koscuisko, MS., Father; Scott Orine, born KY., Mother; Martha Orine.

ORRELL, ANNA REBECCA died 27 February, 1943 age 88 years, Mobile, AL., buried Martin Bluff cemetery.

ORRELL, LEO EARL born 10 August, 1940 St Elmo, AL., died 19 February, 1941 Biloxi, buried Krohn Cemetery. Father; Christopher ORRELL, born N.C., Mother; Anna TOLER, born N.C.

ORRELL, RUPERT born 21 September, 1879 St. Elmo, AL., died 11 June, 1944 Gautier, MS., buried Martin Bluff cemetery. Father; Christopher ORELL, born North Carolina, Mother; Anna TALLER, born New Bern, North Carolina.

ORY, ROBERT CARL born 10 July, 1917 died 3 December, 1943 Battle of Bulge, buried Griffin cemetery. World War 11, Widow; Ruby ORY.

OSBORN, MARIAH (c) died 28 June, 1941 age 73.

OSWALT, JAMES HOWARD born 23 March, 1896 Predmont, AL., died 27 August, 1950 New Orleans, buried in Grand Bay, AL., Father; John OSWALT, Mother; Georgia STREET.

OVERSTREET, CELESTE ELIZABETH born 1 April, 1854 Greene Co. MS., died 27 December, 1940 Moss Point. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father; Peter MCNAIR FAIRLEY, born Leaksville, MS., Mother; Sarah Ann McKAY, born Old Salem, MS.

OVERSTREET, SAM born 11 March, 1895 Salipta, AL., died 16 December, 1944 Basin, MS., buried in Barton, Widow; Beulah MALLETT, age 33 years, Baptist, Farmer, Father; Jesse OVERSTREET Clarke Co., MS., Mother; Malissa WEBB, born Clark CO.

OWENS, ELLA (C) born 25 December, 1879 Amelia, LA., died 10 June, 1950 Moss Point, MS., Father; Anderson LANE.

OWENS, JOHN DAVID born 15 February, 1866 Claiborne Co. MS., died 9 December, 1946 Moss Point, buried Union cemetery. Widow; Ida OWENS age 75 years. Father; Calvin OWENS, Mother; MCLEOD.

OWENS, JOHN EDWARD born 14 December, 1906 Lawrence Co., MS., died 24 September, 1944 Pascagoula, buried McComb, MS., Father; Andrew J. OWENS, born Virginia, Mother; Johnnie Maybell EVANS, born MS.


PAGE, STITES?? EWING born 1 September, 1866 MS., died 10 July, 1947; buried Hattiesburg, MS. Father; J.S. CAWTHON.

PAGE, RUTH NAOMI born 30 April, 1880 Chipley, FL., died 19 April, 1950 Pascagoula, buried Evergreen cemetery. Father; David SUMMERLIN, Mother; Mandy STEVENS.

PAIGE, RENA (c) died 12 December, 1940 Biloxi, MS. age 82 years. Buried Sanderville, MS., Mother: Vina COOPER.

PAIT, MARY THOMPSON born 12 July, 1847 Pensacola, FL., died 12 July, 1943 Hurley, MS., Buried in Coleman cemetery, widow of Thomas B. PAIT.

PARGRETTE, MELISIA ANN born 14 November, 1854 Milton, FL., died 26 October, 1939 Pascagoula. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father; John ROBINSON, born New York, Mother; Mary E. DEBOSE, born Charleston, South Carolina. Informant; Mrs. Rudolph FRELSON.

PARKER, CAROLINE (c) died 14 March, 1940 in South Carolina.

PARKER, EUGENE ELLIS born 28 November, 1867 Wade, MS., died 23 October, 1948, buried Johnson cemetery. Farmer, Methodist, Father; Rufus PARKER, Mother; Sarah HAMILTON.

PARKER, LOUISA GENEVA born 9 March, 1904 Lucedale, MS., died 2 March, 1942 Lucedale. Buried Refuge Cemetery, Father; Plumer PARKER, Mother; Martha REEVES, born Lucedale.

PARKER, FIDELIA born 4 August, 1886 Oxford, MS., died 21 July, 1938. Buried Oak Grove Cemetery. Father; W.C. MASSEY, Mother; Elizabeth ALES.

PARKER, HENRY EUGENE born 4 December, 1874 Wade, MS. died 13 November, 1940 Ocean Springs, farmer, Baptist, buried Johnson Cemetery. Father: Joseph PARKER born Wade, Mother; Sarah TINER, (TANNER?) born Wade.

PARKER, JAMES ROBERT born 7 September, 1871 Jackson Co., MS., died 26 March, 1945, Lucedale, MS., buried Carter cemetery. Widow; Betty DONALDSON age 50 years. Informant, Mrs. Elton POSEY, Father; Jessie PARKER born Jackson CO.

PARKER, JIMMIE CLAUDE born 8 January, 1933 Tupelo, MS., died 28 August, 1950. Buried Machpelah cemetery. Father; Claude PARKER; Mother; Gretchen SHIELDS.

PARKER, JOHN (C) died 7 August, 1951 age 60 years, Informant, Eugene HENRY.

PARKER, SAMUEL M. born 26 November, 1876 Brewton, AL., died 22 June, 1946 Wheelerville, AL., buried Springhill, AL., Widow, Florence PARKER age 70 years, Father; William PARKER, born Brewton, AL., Mother; Mariah SHIP, born Evergreen, AL.

PARKER, WILLIAM G. born 21 April, 1870 New Orleans, LA., died 25 December, 1938. Buried Greenwood Cemetery. Father; William F. PARKER, born New Orleans, Mother; Mary Louise STEMPER, born Germany.

PARKINSON, INFANT b&d October 7, 1948 Jackson Co. MS. buried Union Cemetery. Father; Marion PARKINSON born Lyons Co. Iowa, Mother; Fern HESS, born Iowa.

PARSLEY, CHARLES EDWARD born 9 February, 1872 Moss Point, died 6 July, 1951 buried Greenwood cemetery. Father; Edward PARSLEY, Mother; Margaret IVY.

PASSO, ELLA born 30 October, 1856 Waynesboro, MS., died 3 August, 1942 Lucedale, MS., buried Zion Cemetery. Father; Henry Armstrong RIGGLE, born White Side, TN., Mother; Sarah SMITH, born Pulaski, TN

PATTERSON, ALICE born 23 April, 1851 Montgomery, AL., died 15 September, 1947 Pascagoula, widow; resided in Ocean Springs, Father; Jim STROPPS, Mother; Ann KERBY.

PATTON, BEN (C) born 4 June, 1882 AL., died 6 April, 1949. Father; Jack PATTON, buried St. Paul cemetery.

PAULK, VASSEL LEE born 25 August, 1873 FL., died 17 August, 1950 Mobile, AL., buried Bayou La Batre, AL., Father; John PAULK, Mother; Virginia TINES.

PEAVY, MAKE born 20 March, 1887 AL., died 27 June, 1948. Father; Pumpia PEAVY, Mother; Lethea PEAVY.

PEELE, EDWARD GEORGE born 18 March, 1920 Neb., died 28 June, 1947 buried Griffin cemetery; Father; Hans PEELE, born Denmark, Mother; Sadie NELSON, born KN.

PELHAM, THELMA OLSEN born 7 December, 1900 Pascagoula, died 12 February, 1949 Birmingham, AL., buried Krebs cemetery. Widower; Joseph PELHAM age 65, Father; Charles OLSEN, Mother; Mamie Elizabeth BOLLE, born Pascagoula.

PENDARVIS, JAMES JOSEPH born 9 Decmber, 1867 FL., died 9 January, 1940 Escatawpa. Buried Ferrill cemetery.

PENDARVIS, NANCY ELIZABETH born 23 October, 1868 Wade, MS., died 6 March, 1951 Escatawpa, Widow, buried Robinson cemetery. Informant, Allen PENDARVIS, Father; John W. JONES, Mother; Ann KENNEDY.

PENTON, EVA JANE born 14 November, 1910 Millard, MS., died 20 December, 1942 Pascagoula. Father; Arthur Vernon MILES, born Pearlington, MS., Mother; Mary Etta SMITH.

PERKINS, HAROLD EUGENE born 11 June, 1921 Moss Point, MS. died 13 April, 1944; buried Union cemetery. Father; Richard PERKINS, Mother; Lena Bell CROSBY born Island Grove, FL.

PERRY, CHARLES W. born 17 March, 1874 Clayborn, AL., died 19 July, 1944 Pascagoula. Buried Robinson cemetery, Father; Franklin PERYY, born AL., Mother; Lizzie PENTON, born AL.

PERRY, CHRISTY born 23 April, 1880 Escatawpa, died 27 July, 1945 Escatawpa, buried Robinson cemetery, Father; Locky McQUARY, born Scotland, Mother; Clara CUNNINGHAM, born Escatawpa.

PERRYMAN, Clara F. born 5 November, 1869; died 7 January 1944 Tanner Williams. Father; Alex MCINNIS, Mother; Frances Doggett.

PERRYMAN, John Newtonborn 20 April, 1868 Jasper Co. MS., died 4 June, 1941 Tanner Williams, buried in Palestine Cemetery. Father; Willis Perryman, born Jasper Co., Mother; Julia Overstreet, born Wayne Co. MS.

PETERSON, ANNA born 3 November, 1872 Mobile, CO., AL., died 15 December, 1949 New Orleans, LA., buried Machpelah cemetery, Widow; resided in New Orleans, Informant, Ben WILLIAMS, Father; John B. WILLIAMS, Mother; Marcelete CUNNINGHAM.

PETIETE, EVELINE died 9 August, 1941 age 50 years, Father; Simon McLAUGHLIN, born Shubuta, MS., Mother; Maggie WALKER, b. State Line.

PETTIS, ADA born 11 October, 1865 Clark Co. AL., died 14 April, 1940 Orange Grove, buried Orange Grove Cemetery. Father: James WEBB, born South Carolina, Mother; MARY HUTTO, born South Carolina.

PETTIS, JOHN THOMAS born 2 October, 1861 Dale Co. AL., died 5 September, 1947 Pascagoula. Buried Orange Grove cemetery. Father; John T. PETTIS, born Scotland, Mother; Elsie A. MINCHEW, born Ireland.

PERRYMAN, JOHN NEWTON born 20 April, 1868 Jasper Co. MS., died 4 June, 1941 Tanner Williams, buried in Palestine Cemetery. Father; William PERRYMAN, born Jasper Co., Mother; Julia OVERSTREET, born Wayne Co. MS.

PHELAM, EDWARD J. born 8 May, 1874 Ireland, died 28 April, 1945 Pascagoula. Buried Machpelah cemetery.

PHILLEY ANNA E. born 7 January, 1874; died 1 December, 1943 Pascagoula, buried near Winona, MS., Father; Isaac TOWERS, born S.C. Mother; Mary DOUGLAS, born S.C.

PHILLIP, EDITH LUCILE born 24 January, 1918 Leake Co. MS., died 10 August, 1942. Father; Joseph CULPEPPER, born Scott Co. MS., Mother; Viola JAMES, born Scott Co.

PHILLIP, OSCAR ORR born 4 January, 1906 Tupelo, MS., died 14 December, 1945 Gautier, buriedd Leesville, LA., Father; O.L. PHILLIPS, born Tupelo, Mother; Marie HOYLE born Tupelo.

PICKARD, CHARLES CRAIG born 13 August, 1881 Meridian, MS., died 9 November, 1947 Pascagoula, buried in Meridian, MS., Father; H.O. PICKARD, born Meridian, Mother; Fannie AUSLEY, born Wayne Co. MS.

PICKETT, BENJAMIN HELAIRE, SR. born 6 February, 1873, died 10 April, 1950, buried Machpelah cemetery. Father; Benjamin F. PICKETT, Mother; Amelia KREBS.

PICKETT, GEO CLINTON born 24 November, 1871 died 31 March, 1937. Father; Benjamin PICKETT, born VA., Mother; Mary Amelia KREBS.

PIERCE, BABY died 29 August, 1945, buried Orange Grove cemetery, Father; Claude PIERCE, Mother; Rose Lee TAYLOR.

PIERCE, BASAN CAMALIE, born 2 April, 1885 Mobile, died 2 June, 1940 Tanner Williams. Buried Pierce Cemetery. Father: Rudolph DYKES, Mother; Mary JACKSON, born Pierce Level, AL.

PIERCE, CATHERINE born 24 June, 1905 Orange Grove, MS., died 17 July, 1945. Buried Orange Grove cemetery, Father; Valery PIERCE, born Three Rivers, MS., Mother; Fannie LEUBA.

PIERCE, FANNIE born 10 April, 1872 Berry, KY., died 17 October, 1947 Orange Grove, MS., Widower; Valery B. PIERCE, Father; Charles LEUBA, born KY., Mother; Pauline BOLINGER, born KY.

PIERCE, HENRY LONNIE born 25 January, 1883 Wilmer, AL., died 24 September, 1951 Pascagoula, buried Union cemetery. Widower; Father; Alfred PIERCE, Mother; Lillie D. WHATLEY.

PIERCE, JOHN EDWARD born 3 July, 1885 Wilmer, AL., died 25 July, 1938. Buried Tanner Williams Cemetery in North Jackson Co. farmer, Father; Lark PIERCE, born AL.

PIERCE, JOSEPH CHARLES born 12 January, 1866 Pierce Level, AL., died 24 January, 1937 Kreole, MS., Buried Magnolia cemetery, Father; Floyd PIERCE, born S.C. Mother; Sarah Ann PIERCE.

PIERCE, LUTHER EDWARD born 31 March, 1900 Theadore, AL., died 31 October, 1946 Moss Point, World War 11 Veteran, Carpenter, buried Union cemetery, father; Henry L. PIERCE, Mother; Alice WILLARD.

PIERCE, MELISSIA DRUCILLA born 8 October, 1885 Moss Point, MS., died 22 October, 1948, buried Union cemetery. Widower; Lonnie PIERCE age 65 years.

PIERCE, SARAH MERANDEE born 25 December, 1865 George Co., MS., died 22 December, 1950 Orange Grove. Buried in Orange Grove cemetery. Informant; Luvede POOL, Father; Joseph PARKER; Mother; Lecintha CRAWLEY.

PIERCE, VALERY B. born 15 September, 1868 Yazoo City, MS., died 27 April, 1950 Pascagoula, buried Orange Grove. Father; Frank PIERCE.

PITMAN, RACHEL (c) died 14 July, 1943 age 55 years, buried Gabriel.

PITTINGER, SHARLIE ALBERTA died 19 July, 1945 Jackson, MS., age 41 years. Buried in Machpelah cemetery. Widower; J.F. PITTINGER.

PLACOT, MARY born 12 December, 1876 Geiger, AL., died 29 August, buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father; James DENTON, born Cooksville, MS., Mother; Sarah E. LAVENDER, born Virginia.

PLUMMER, JOSEPHINE ESTELL born 6 May, 1873 Brookhaven, MS., died 10 October, 1944 Moss Point, buried Union cemetery. Father; Jake WEAVER, born Ireland.

PLUNKET, CALLIE born 19 January, 1893 Jasper Co. MS., died 17 November, 1946 Pascagoula, buried near Haleyville, AL., Widow; G.A. PLUNDER age 62; Father, Mitchell SMEDLEY, Mother; Laura LANE, TN.

POITEVAN, HERBERT born 11 May, 1901 New Orleans, LA., died 8 July, 1947, buried Greenwood cemetery. Father; Gaston R. POITEVAN, born Mobile, AL., Mother; Isabelle SMITH, born New Orleans.

POL, GERTRUDE born 5 June, 1883 died 6 July, 1949. Buried Machpelah cemetery. Father; W.E. FREDERIC; Mother; Sarah WILLIAMS.

POL, JOSEPH ANDREW SR. born 8 July, 1866 died 17 March, 1942 buried Greenwood Cemetery, widow; Mary POL age 58 years, Informant; J.A. POL, Jr. Father; M.L. POL born Madrid, Spain; Mother; Manuela VALVERDE, born Bayou La Batre, AL.

POL, MIGUEL LEON born 19 June, 1862 AL., died 13 June, 1949. Buried Machpelah cemetery. Widow; Gertrude FREDERIC, Father; M.L. POL, Sr. Mother; Manuella VALVERDE.

POLK, ABE (c) born 25 December, 1864 Vernon, MS., died 22 April, 1940 Moss Point, MS., Father: Jake POLK, born Vernon.

POLK, JAMES (c) born 2 january, 1867 AL., died 25 June, 1938 in Wade, MS., Buried Cedar Creek Cemetery. Father; Abraham Polk, Mother; Betsie MICHALS.

POLK, ROBERT died 23 February, 1942 Grand Bay, AL., born in Greene Co. MS., farmer, buried St. Paul Cemetery, Widow; Annie POLK, age 45. Father; Calvin POLK, born Green Co. Mother; Mary STAFFORD born Greene Co.

POLK, WILLIE (C) born 11 February, 1867 Jackson Co., died 11 January, 1951 Moss Point. Buried St. Paul cemetery, Widow; Martha POLK age 78 years, Father; Calvin POLK, Mother; Mary SMITH.

POLLITT, DR. ROBERT CLAUDE born 1 April, 1874 Macon Co. KY., died 28 December 1941, buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father; Robert H. POLLITT, born KY., Mother; Annie HOWARD.

POMMER, WALTER B. born 13 March, 1889 Wisconsin, died 16 December, 1949 Pascagoula, buried in Milwaukee, Wi., Widower.

POOL, ARLENE born 3 July, 1864 Mobile, AL., died 11 May, 1947 Orange Grove, buried Forts Lake cemetery; Informant; Mrs. S.W. BARTON, Father; John DEMOUEY, Mother; Liza BOSARGE.

POOL, FLORA born 25 February, 1862 died 3 november, 1937 Orange Grove, buried Forts Lake cemetery. Father; Richard TREHERN born England, Mother; Mary COCHRAN born MS.

POOL, HENRY died 15 May, 1942 Ocean Springs, MS., age 70 years, born Pascagoula, farmer, widow; Mary Margaret GILL age 59 years, Father; Alexander Pool, Mother; Flora TREHERN.

POOL, MARY MARGARET born 5 May, 1883 Vancleave, MS., died 25 August, 1950, buried Forts Lake cemetery. Father; Andrew GILL, Mother; Margaret KING.

POOL, WILLIAM HENRY died 13 January, 1937 Bayou La Batre, AL., age 76 years, informant, Van POOL, Father; John POOL, born S.C. Mother; Polly Ann CLARK, born Pecan, MS.

POOLE, HILERY HOBSON born 25 August, 1900 died 16 October, 1942. Buried Forts Lake Cemetery. Father; Henry Poole, born Bayou La Batre, AL.. Mother; Mary GILL, born Jackson Co.

POOR, JULIA (C) died 3 March, 1945 age 70 years, born in Leaf, MS., informant, Arthur POOR, buried in Leaksville, MS., Father; Murray TATUM, born Leaf, MS.

POPE, JOHN EMANUEL born 1 October, 1869 Clark Co. AL., died 12 July, 1945 Agricola, MS., buried in Agricola. Widow; Emma POPE age 70 years. Father; Jasper POPE, Mother; Cecila BURGE.

POPE, WILLIAM JACKSON born 18 January, 1874 Clark Co. AL., died 13 March, 1941 George Co., buried in Old Goodwater Cemetery, Father; Jasper POPE, born AL., Mother; Cecilia BYRD, born AL.

PORTER, DOLLIE (C) died 18 November, 1948. Father; King JOHNSON.

POSEY, CURTIS JOHN born 30 May, 1877, died 17 August, 1938. Buried Union Cemetery. Father; David Calvin POSEY; Mother; Lettie C. NIX, born North Carolina.

POSEY, LETHA ANN born 22 September, 1870 Spring Hill, AL., died 13 April, 1943 buried Union cemetery. Widower; Curtis John POSEY, Father; Andrew J. DANLEY, born FL., Mother; Emma SIMS, born Covington, Co., AL.

POSEY, NORA ELIZABETH born 20 April, 1887 Arena, MS., died 30 April, 1948 Kreole, Widower; C.E. POSEY; buried Griffin cemetery. Father; Charles W. JONES, born England; Mother; Etta E. CARTER.

POSEY, STILLBORN b&d 7 August, 1946, Father; J.W. Posey.

POSTELL, FORREST F. born 23 December, 1893 Macon, GA., died 2 December, 1948. Buried Birmingham, AL.

POUNDS, JOHNNIE RUFFINS born 3 January, 1893 Bluffton, GA., died 26 March, 1940 Mobile. Buried Machpelah cemetery. Father; William POUNDS, born GA., Mother; Sarah ELEY, born GA.

POWE, SARAH ALICE born 11 August 1886 Neshoba Co. MS., died 25 September, 1950. Buried in Johnson cemetery; Father; Michael CLARK, Mother; Julie BURNETTE.

POWELL, EVANDER BRAZEL born 19 March, 1890 Theadore, AL. died 22 September, 1940. Buried Sauceir, MS., Baptist, Informant, Fannie POWELL, Father: Evander B. POWELL, born Theadore, Mother; Christine HARRIS, born Pass Christian, MS.

POWELL, RUFUS ARCHIE born 19 January, 1872 AL., died 22 july, 1942, buried Machpelah Cemetery, Widow; Virginia MAY age 58 years, Father; Rufus G. POWELL, born AL.

POWELL, VIRGINIA MAE born 7 May, 1884 Ocean Springs, died 27 April, 1946 Pascagoula, buried Machpelah cemetery, Widow, Catholic, Father; Robert DOLBEAR.

POWERS, MAHALA JANE born 18 October, 1870, died 1 July, 1936. Father; D. STOKES, Mother; Nancy C. BARROW of Mobile.

PRESTON, RICHARD P. (C) born 5 October, 1874 Jackson Co., MS. died 30 June, 1950, buried St. Peters cemetery. Father; William Preston, Mother; Joe Anna GRANT.

PREVOST, EDWARD born 22 March, 1909 Escatawpa, died 28 December, 1939. Buried in Ferrill cemetery. Father; Charley V. PREVOST, born France; Mother; Lula FERRILL, born Escatawpa. Informant, West W. JONES.

PRINCE, JACKSON (c) died 23 February, 1945 Moss Point, age 78 years, born in AL., Informant; Oliver PRINCE.

PRINE, DIVIE MAE born 5 April, 1902 Forrest Co., MS., died 2 April, 1948; buried Machpelah cemetery, Widower; John Wesley PRINE; Father; Green KELLY, born Greene Co. MS., Mother; Vivian Mae DUNN, born Smith Co., MS.

PROUSE, ESTELLA ELVIRA born 12 August 1883 Escatawpa, MS., died 8 August, 1940. Buried Machpelah Cemetery. Informant, N.B. PROUSE, Father: Ernest A. SUTHOFF, born Northern Germany, Mother; Elvira ROBERTS, born Greene Co. MS.

PROUSE, HATTIE ELIZABETH born 16 October, 1889 Franklin Creek, buried Machpelah cemetery, Widower; N.B. PROUSE age 71 years, Father; Johnnie MORI, Mother; Abbey POOL.

PROUSE, WARREN ROSWELL born 8 November, 1890 Central City, CA., died 24 May, 1939, buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father; James PROUSE born England, Mother; Isabell BROWN, born Shulsberry, MS.

PURDY, HARRY H. born 18 January, 1898 New York City, N.Y. died 26 July, 1945. Buried in New York, Father; Harry PURDY, born St. Johns New Brunswick, Mother; Minnie DEROCHER, born New York.
(Q) QUAVE, MARIA RUTH born 4 January, 1894 TX., died 4 January 1945 Biloxi, buried in Antiock cemetery. Widower; Rankin QUAVE age 53 years. Father; Henry H. KEITH, born MS., Mother; Mary HURD, born Arkansas.

QUICK, CHARLES W. born 10 July, 1876 Madison, Ohio died 19 February, 1949 Pascagoula. Buried Machpelah cemetery. Father; Sanford QUICK, Mother; Maria GOLD.

QUINN, KATE WILLIAON born 1 October Westville, MS., died 25 August, 1939 buried Machpelah Cemetery. Father; Sam M. Williamson, born Westville, Mother; Harriet DAVIS, born Hopewell, MS.

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